Brother DCP-7040,DCP-7340,DCP-7450,DCP-7840 Service Manual ( Error code and remedy )

Recoverable User Check Errors

These errors are recoverable by following the message indicated on the lcd or following the items incated in user check

Error Code 67 

  • Toner low
  • prepare new toner cartridge

the toner of the toner cartridge is low. ( the toner sensor delects the nearly empty.)

User chek 

  • prepare a new toner cartridge, if the toner is empty,replace it.

Error Code 75  

  • Cooling down
  • wait for a while

The machine is cooling down inside for protection
The machine indicates "Colling down" in one of the conditions below.

  1. The temperature inside the machine is too high
  2. Both ends of the heat roller are at different temperatures
  3. the paper media is replaced with different paper size media

User check

  • After having passed for a while with having turned the power supply on.

thus posting about the problem error code and remedy if there is a complaint please comment

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